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CASE STUDY: Minnesota Continuing Legal Education
E-Commerce Web Site Development and Integration
The Client

Minnesota Continuing Legal Education is a not for profit corporation established by the Minnesota State Bar Association to provide the highest quality educational experience to Minnesota lawyers and judges in an accessible fashion and at a reasonable cost. Their mission is to provide for and encourage the continuing education of all Minnesota lawyers through the development of a comprehensive variety of services: seminars and seminar materials, books and their supplements, periodical services and indexes.

The Challenge

A large percentage of Minnesota CLE’s business is conducted online at where Minnesota Lawyers and legal professionals can register for seminars, register for and attend online webcasts, purchase various legal publications, and search and purchase articles from a vast online library of legal articles and course materials. Over the years, Minnesota CLE’s web site had become difficult to manage and inflexible. Minnesota CLE needed the ability to add and update content on the site without the assistance of a web developer. They also wanted the ability to create promotions that targeted different customer segments with different products using various pricing structures, again, without the help of a web developer. In addition, they wanted to transform their technology platform to make it easier to launch new products and programs in the future (e.g. Videos on Demand, Interest Area Subscriptions, etc.).

The Solution

LogiSolve redesigned Minnesota CLE’s existing e-commerce site and redeployed it on the .NET platform. Web page templates and general content pages are managed using Telerik’s Sitefinity content management system. Page templates and content can now be managed directly by Minnesota CLE staff through Sitefinity. LogiSolve also built a complex promotion and pricing engine that allows Minnesota CLE to create complex promotions on the fly. Minnesota CLE can now create many different types promotions that can handle a multitude of marketing scenarios. The site also integrates with Minnesota CLE’s Great Plains system. Great Plains contains all of Minnesota CLE’s customers, products, and data.

The custom promotion and pricing engine developed by LogiSolve is extremely complex and offers Minnesota CLE extensive flexibility in developing unique promotions. Features of the promotion and pricing engine include:

  • Discount model flexibility – The pricing engine can accommodate many different types of pricing models. Pricing may be calculated as a straight percentage off the product price or a specific number of dollars off. Pricing could also be set up in a way that allows Minnesota CLE to run promotions where if the customer buys 1 (or some other set quantity) of Product A, they get can get dollars off (or a percentage off) a specific quantity of Product B. In addition pricing for a product could be determined by the customer’s classification and the unique price levels set up for the product in Great Plains.
  • Targeted products product groups - Each promotion can be set up to target a specific list of products or a pre-determined group of products. For example, a promotion or discount could be applied to all Seminars, or all Webcasts, or just a couple of different publications.
  • Targeted customers and customer groups - Promotions can be applied to specific customers or groups of customers. For example, a promotion can be set so it is only available for customers who have purchased a specific product (or group of products) in the past, or the promotion may only be available for “new” lawyers.
  • Coupon Codes - Coupon Codes are special codes that can be entered at the time of purchase to activate a discount for a customer. They can be distributed via email, in-person, or in print mailings. Coupon Codes are an effective way to give a group of customers access to a promotion/discount without having to setup specific customer groups. They can be restricted to specific number of redemptions and can be limited to 1 per customer. They also can have expiration dates.
  • Subscription Services - Minnesota CLE offers several different types of subscriptions to their customers for access to Seminars, Webcasts, Publications, and their Online Libary. The promotion and pricing module takes into account the customer’s subscription level when calculating prices for Minnesota CLE products. Depending on the customer’s subscription level (if any), the pricing engine must determine if any other promotions may be applied to the product.

The Results

Minnesota CLE now has an E-Commerce platform that is flexible, scalable, and easy to administer. More than 75% of their business is conducted through their site now compared to less than 50% prior to the redeployment. They are also better positioned to launch additional services and features via the web site. LogiSolve has been engaged with Minnesota CLE since the original launch of the redesigned site, and have worked with them to deploy many different features and services. We have launched “skinned” sites for other state CLE organizations to sell Minnesota CLE products through the other state organizations. We have added Interest Area Subscription packages, many additional promotion features, and Minnesota CLE is currently in the process of digitizing all of their recorded seminars so they can be purchased as “on-demand” products.

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