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CASE STUDY: Global Health Services Company
Web-Based Coaching System
The Client

A global health services company providing a complete range of health insurance plans, increasingly complemented by health management services targeted at improving the health and wellness of customers.

The Challenge

  • The Client had a strong portfolio of health management services based on telephonic coaching to help customers make behavior changes to improve health (and reduce total medical cost).
  • This portfolio was augmented with web-based customer coaching programs developed in collaboration with an acquisition, but some of these programs required substantial technical re-engineering while others remained standalone.
  • In addition, the Client had major programs underway to better enable telephonic coaching and to improve the customer experience for web-based access to health insurance plan information.
  • At an executive summary level, the challenge was to asses this landscape and chart the course so that the Client could offer integrated multi-modal health services that would increase customer engagement, improve clinical outcomes and lower total medical cost.

The Solution

  • An evaluation of the acquisition's latest web-based coaching solution was carried out, including building a prototype related to the Client’s future state clinical direction.
  • Based on this evaluation, it was decided to integrate the thinking, but not the solution itself, with the Client’s overlapping major system initiatives and a comprehensive multi-modal health coaching business architecture was designed.
  • Using Agile and portfolio planning techniques, an overall product roadmap was established, an initial product was selected and a product development project launched and resourced.
  • Combining business and clinical directions, this initial product was designed using customer experience principles to increase customer engagement through a comprehensive health assessment providing personalized health opportunities.
  • The corresponding solution and integration architecture direction was determined, the product backlog prioritized and groomed, and agile construction sprints started using the SCRUM framework.
  • A co-requisite clinical web content management capability was designed and staffed, sharing best practices in close collaboration with the acquisition, and including the identification of an appropriate enabling web content management system.
  • Technologies include: Weblogic, Oracle 11g, RedHat, Java 1.6/EJB 3 and Spring

Who and what roles did LogiSolve engage with the client?

  • Provided a small, nimble team to conduct the initial acquisition solution evaluation.
  • Provided a multi-faceted business architect to support the design of multi-model health services, the product roadmap planning, the design of the initial product and the associated content business capability, building consensus with the business and clinical communities.
  • Provided a multi-faceted technical architect to design the solution and integration architecture, build consensus within the technical community, and lead the delivery team, including the scrum master role.
  • Resourced the delivery team with skilled and flexible software engineers and web developers (complementing the resources on a primary partner project also supplied by LogiSolve).
The Results

The Client has a clear direction and roadmap for multi-modal health services, socialized on a cross-functional basis across the enterprise, and is now executing the strategy, building both the software and content for the first product in a way that lays a foundation of business agility, reusability and scalability.

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