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NEWS:  Associate Engagement Played a Huge Role in LogiSolve Growth Over the Past 6 Months
posted on: August 29, 2015

OAKDALE, MN -- As many have noticed, the consulting market has been very good and LogiSolve has grown significantly the past 6 months, due to:

1 Strong market demand;

2 Increased engagement by leadership, both Partners, Practice Leaders, Sales, Recruiting, and maybe most importantly, associate (you!) engagement;

3 A business plan that puts consultants first, customers first, and the company third!

The renewed commitment by LogiSolve to maintain long-term relationships with our associates has resulted in over a 30% increase in both sales referrals and consultant referrals as measured against the same time last year. Great examples of that are in our new client list: Prime Therapeutics and Minnesota State Government have taken over top spots in the company on a tailwind of sales, recruiters, and strong associate delivery assistance.

When discussing our recent growth in an internal sales and recruiting meeting, it was pointed out that "we have our associates on projects calling the sales people and recruiters and educating us what the client needs in a person to make the project successful and then helping to qualify and get that person in place so that we can deliver on some of these tough projects.” That puts us at a great strategic advantage-so THANK YOU for looking for opportunities for us and helping us grown. And every practice has grown-PM’s, BA’s, developers, QA and Data.

We expect a strong market the remainder of 2015 and 2016, and look forward to continued integration and success with our associates and clients!

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