Industry: Automation

Logisolve performed an Automation Asset Inventory Analysis & Recommendation engagement with Global Automation Power Users and IT Partners and Business Leaders.​


Rising, persistent, business demand for Technology Automation Solutions will continue to exceed client IT resources’ ability to create, design, test, support, and maintain the assets.​
Tech debt and hosting costs are also unknown and likely to grow without architectural oversight & governance.​

Logisolve Business Architecture and Data Capability Leads engaged client IT and Line of Business Executives, Architects and Development Team Leads in interviews and workshops to understand as-is processes, decision-making business rules, technology licensing and infrastructure as well as value-tracking capacities to formulate actionable findings and recommendations.​


Actionable insights that position Senior IT leaders (CIO and direct reports) to communicate to Senior Line of Business leaders (COO and CFO) about governance requirements for future use of Microsoft Power Platform, Azure, and AWS Automation creation featuresets, production assets and integrations. Also identified likely least valuable 50% of existing Automation assets.​

Logisolve confirmed during executive read-outs with the Director of the Automation COE that, “In order to implement Technical Automation Asset Management practices such as reuse, refactoring, archiving and purge strategies, it was first necessary to work with Business partners to unify request for service intake practices.” Logisolve helpfully increased awareness of this important set of steps toward robust Automation Asset steward practices.