Logisolve offers solutions to our Clients to support design and build of custom solutions. Logisolve has also successfully built and offers our own custom software solutions. Instead of focusing on a single solution, we focus on providing the right solution on the right platform that meets our customer’s needs

Development Center

We prioritize the usability, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility of the solutions we provide. Our range of services includes. Our development services include:

Transaction Data Services:


  • Custom development of well-architected solutions for your business, including mobile (iOS and Android), web-based applications, websites in the public domain, and desktop applications
  • Re-engineering, re-factoring, or enhancing existing .NET applications and websites that may not have been implemented to your satisfaction
  • Migration or upgrade an existing legacy system to the .NET platform
  • Support and maintain existing legacy system to the .NET platform
  • Expertise in UI/UX design for optimal user experience


Architecture & Application Development

At Logisolve, our Development Center is dedicated to supporting our Clients’ design and building custom solutions that align with their unique business requirements. Instead of focusing on a single solution, we focus on providing the right solution on the right platform that meets our customer’s needs.



Mobile App Development
(iOS and Android)

.NET Technologies

Java Technologies

Middleware Development

Web API using .NET, .NET Core, and Java

Middleware Development

Web API using .NET, .NET Core, and Java

UI Design and Development

Angular, React, Vue JS, MVC, and many others

Continuous integration and delivery


Database Development

SQL Server, Oracle, & NoSQL Databases

Platform Solutions

AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, traditional on premises, or mobile

Platform Solutions

AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, traditional on premises, or mobile

Automation and System Integration

Performance improvements by automating repetitive tasks Connecting disparate systems

Our Quality Assurance & Testing consultants have skills and expertise in the following areas:

  • QA Management
  • QA/Testing Process Strategy
  • QA/Testing Planning & Strategy
  • Defect Management Process
  • Manual Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Capability Maturity Model (CMM)
  • Total Quality Management (TQM)

Performance Testing and Quality Assurance

Logisolve’s Organizational Quality & Testing consultants are experts in increasing the quality, application stability, efficiency, and overall satisfaction of your Clients’ business systems. We do this through quality management, performing organizational quality assessments, system integration testing, building automation frameworks, ensuring system performance, and security testing.

App Performance, Testing, & Quality Analysis

Elevating Quality Standards, Logisolve’s Performance Testing & QA team is committed to enhancing the quality, stability, and efficiency of your business systems. Our services cover the entire spectrum of quality assurance, ensuring your applications meet the highest standards. Key services include:

  • Data must be enhanced in a way that is effective for decision makers to be able to see, understand and leverage in order to:
    • improve products and services
    • increase revenue
    • promote growth in a business
    • improve efficiency in a process to lower costs
    • have higher quality product outputs
  • Quality Management and Organizational Assessments:
    • Rigorous quality management practices and methodologies
    • In-depth organizational quality assessments for insightful improvements
  • Test Planning and Execution:
    • Meticulously crafted test plans and expert execution
    • Oversight by Senior Quality Test Management Leads
  • Test Automation Frameworks:
    • Development and support of robust test automation frameworks
    • Dedicated automation experts enhancing existing frameworks
  • System Performance Testing:
    • Rigorous testing, covering load, stress, endurance, scalability, volume, and spike testing
  • Security Testing:
    • Comprehensive security measures, including scanning, penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, and risk analysis
    • In-depth analysis of application performance, testing, and quality
  • Data and ETL Testing:
    • Proficient testing of backend data movement, from simple processes to complex data warehouse and ETL processes
  • Integration Testing:
    • Expertise in ensuring seamless integration, covering various approaches from point-to-point (P2P) to CRM, batch processing, web services, and APIs
  • Regression Testing:
    • Implementation of a robust regression testing methodology for large-scale clients
    • Comprehensive research, documentation, and meticulous test case creation and execution