The Logisolve DevCenter provides cutting-edge development capabilities. We have a core team of resources with structured software development practices dedicated to providing development capacity.

Our DevCenter employs Consultants with all levels of programming and development experience. We can provide you talent from our IngenioHQ program up to consultants with 20+ years of experience. This way, we can match level of experience with the work that you are asking us to complete.

The DevCenter is structured to effectively take on many types of projects.

Custom Development

Development of a new end-to-end solution or development of new enhancements or modules for an existing application. Logisolve can also provide the Project Manager, Scrum Master, Business Analysts, and Quality Assurance Analysts needed to support the work.

Variable Work

Development work that ebbs and flows. This work allows our Clients to stay focused on their key initiatives while we handle the overflow work.

Support and Maintenance

We can provide support and maintenance services for an existing client application or for an application built by our DevCenter. We are currently providing support and maintenance services under both monthly and hourly fee agreements.

Capacity Boost

We provide a development capacity boost to your team at a critical point in your project.