Logisolve is a Minnesota-based business and Technology consulting firm founded in 1998. Our leadership team represents an experienced and diverse background with an impressive track record of successful project completion. While technology and business models have changed through the years, our core principles remain the same


Logisolve believes in a three circle model of excellence supporting our Clients, our Consultants, and our Company.

To our Clients, we provide the highest quality, deliverable-focused services. We strive to be flexible and serve our clients in a manner which best fits their needs.

To our Consultants, we provide a warm and friendly environment where a consultant can grow throughout their career. We believe in hiring the very best people and developing their skills through training, mentoring, and project experience.

To our Company stakeholders, we provide a long-term focus on success and a reputation for quality in the marketplace that our entire organization is proud of.


Overall, Logisolve is considered one of the best run and fastest growing consulting organizations because we:

  • Target, Recruit, and Retain the top 10% of consultants based on experience and quality of performance
  • Intentionally keep our overhead low so we can provide these top performers to our clients at a competitive price
  • Prioritize and ensure that our people, processes, and technology deliver highly successful results while maintaining our core values

Thank you for considering Logisolve. We look forward to partnering with you either as a consultant or as a client to achieve your desired goals.