Industry: Healthcare


Logisolve partnered with a specialty pharmacy that fills pump medications that are made up of a number of medications. These compound medications differ from a normal prescription due to their complexity. The client needed a custom solution since most EMRs do not handle compound medications in a proper and safe manner.​

Why Logisolve was selected:​

– Our subject matter expertise in ePrescribing & NCPDP standards​

– Our ability to provide experts in UI Design, System Architecture, Development, and Testing​

Every ePrescribing project introduces unique opportunities for Logisolve to partner with Clients, bringing forward recommendations and solutions for project success. With each project, our team continues to build on these experiences, providing our skilled subject matter experts with opportunities to expand their knowledge in this specialized area of healthcare IT. ​


Leveraging our team’s experience through up-front planning, execution and development contributed to the client’s success in meeting their project goals and objectives on time and within budget. ​

– Custom User Experience, allowing a easy mechanism for the user to put together complex pump medications.​

– Secure Solution, that uses the required 2 factor authentication that is DEA compliant.​

– Utilized NCPDP Script version 2017071 for the prescribing of controlled substances and compound medications. ​

– Achieved DEA Certification for the prescribing of controlled substances​

– Enhanced a centralized repository of data for reporting and audit to ​include ePrescribing​

– Implemented needed standards changes that are required to properly transmit a controlled substance.​