Have an Idea? But not sure where to start?

Logisolve has provided management and technology services in the twin cities for over 20 years. We have gone through many transformations during those years. We are a team-based culture focused on continuous improvement.

Through the years we have grown through staffing, to service lines and practices, to now a combination of capabilities, partnerships, and joint ventures across both services and products. We have developed unique relationships through the years. Logisolve prides ourselves on being very flexible in how we engage and partner with our customers. This flexibility has allowed us to get really creative.

Here are some highlights of our creative partnerships:

Beanware – CARS (Cash Reconciliation) – Logisolve created a joint venture with a national health system to create a commercial software product for revenue cycle management.

Configure to Order – Online Marketplace – Logisolve created a joint venture with national manufacturer to design, build, and manage an online marketplace that allows customers to configure to order highly complex industrial products.

ePrescription Gateway – Logisolve partnered with a leading e-Prescription Hub to build a product to certify organizations ability to automate connectivity to the Hub.

Supply Chain Predictive Analytics – Logisolve created a joint venture with a national health system to create a supply chain predictive analytics product.

Medication Adherence – Logisolve partnered with a startup company that needed our expertise on interoperability between companies. We provided architectural and technical expertise to connect to outside groups for clinical messaging.

Operations Workbench – Logisolve’s Dev Center built a commercial software product for financial operations and commissioning of broker and sales teams.

Does your organization have an opportunity to get creative? Logisolve has a one-week Rapid Solutions Workshop, where we can accelerate the development of a solution / business plan to transform your organization. Whether it is Business, Digital, Data, Cloud, Agile, or other transformation, Logisolve has an approach to help you get creative!