Logisolve’s Organizational Quality & Testing consultants are experts in increasing the quality, application stability, efficiency, and overall satisfaction of our Clients’ business systems. We do this through quality management, performing organizational quality assessments, system integration testing, building automation frameworks, ensuring system performance, and security testing.


Quality Management

  • Test Planning and Execution
  • Quality Test Management
  • Quality Test Analyst

Organization Quality Assessment

  • Project or Process Assessments/Improvements
  • SLDC Tools Tool Review and Recommendations
  • SCRUM/AGILE Tool Review and Recommendations
  • Testing Tool Review and Recommendations

Test Automation Frameworks

  • Ground Up Automation Framework
  • Automation Experts to Support or Enhance Existing Frameworks

System Performance

  • Load, Stress, Endurance, Scalability, Volume, and Spike Testing

Security Testing 

  • Security Scanning, Penetration, Vulnerability, and Risk Assessment


        App Performance, Testing & Quality Analysis 

        At Logisolve our goal is to increase the quality, stability, efficiency and overall health of our Client’s business systems.

        Logisolve's Quality Assurance and Testing Services

        Quality Assurance & Testing Practice

        At Logisolve our goal is to increase the Quality, Stability, Predictibility, Efficiency, and overall Satisfaction of our Client’s business systems. Our QA/Testing consultants are highly experienced, professional people who are passionate about quality and helping clients improve every aspect of their business. We pride ourselves in employing the cream of the crop of QA professionals in the Twin Cities area.

        Clients trust our software quality experts whether it’s to assess their testing and planning processes, improve user satisfaction or provide staffing to get products released to production. We identify improvements that lead to immediate benefits. Leveraging our best practices, Logisolve can also partner with you to implement a proven validation and testing methodology for your organization.

        Alternatively, our testing and validation services can supplement your own environment. We’ll develop and implement a comprehensive test strategy and plan followed by test execution, addressing a variety of testing types including functional, non-functional, system integration, environment/configuration, performance, security, usability, end to end, and user acceptance testing.



        Logisolve’s Quality Assurance and Testing Services 

        • Quality Assurance and Testing Processes and Methodology. Our senior level consultants have the ability to mold and shape the right process for any quality improvement or testing scenario. Their belief in team communication and understanding of critical requirements is the foundation for high quality, defect free business applications.

        • Set Up and Maintenance of Testing (Manual or Automated). We understand the conceptual business needs and also the process for implementing testing. Knowing up front what the commitment and benefits of automation are is critical to successfully utilizing automated tools in your business. Our consultants have years of experience implementing and maintaining manual and automated test suites.

        • Mobile and Web-based Testing. Our consultants have worked on numerous internet based projects covering multiple platforms. Understanding the environmental dependencies as well as the level of requirements coverage and detail needed for mobile and web testing makes the difference in successful testing.

        • Data and ETL Testing. We have consultants that have experience testing simple backend data movement to extremely complexed data warehouse and ETL processes. The experience in data testing spans across multiple industries, databases, database schemas, and stored procedures.

        • Integration Testing. When it comes to integrating a few or all of your systems, our consultants have the experience to ensure applications are working as designed. Whether our clients are using a point to point (P2P), customer relationship management (CRM), batch processing, web services, or application programming interfaces (API) -Logisolve has you covered.

        • Regression Testing and Process. Our QA team has a powerful Regression testing methodology that has been successfully utilized for large-scale clients. Research, documentation, test case creation and execution are all important pieces to this business critical process. The stability of your organization and consistency of your applications and processes depend on this very important component of Quality Assurance for your business.

        Our Organizational Quality & Testing Consultants are highly experienced, professional people who are passionate about quality and helping clients improve every aspect of their business. 

        Our Quality Assurance & Testing consultants have skills and expertise in the following areas:

        • QA Management
        • QA/Testing Process Strategy
        • QA/Testing Planning & Strategy
        • Defect Management Process
        • Manual Testing
        • Test Automation
        • Test Driven Development (TDD)
        • Capability Maturity Model (CMM)
        • Total Quality Management (TQM)