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This week, Logisolve made waves at the MN GOVIT Symposium, captivating audiences with a stellar booth and an insightful presentation. Check out the photos below! Explore Phil Almeroth’s article this week, as he reflects on embracing change, from urban relocation to AI’s potential, guiding us to respond with curiosity and resilience.

New Perspectives on Old Questions

By Phil Almeroth | Director of Capabilities

Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m 64? – The Beatles

Yep, I had to ask that question this morning, as I’m now in the last year of most survey age categories, before I matriculate to the “65+” box next year. We all experience what now seems like constant change, and many things have changed for me over the past year: where I live, helping my aging parents transition to assisted living, mixing work from home with more in-person opportunities, ever-increasing changes in technology. With some of these changes, I’ve still encountered some questions that are not new…

Be Curious, Not Judgmental – Ted Lasso

“Don’t you wish things could go back to being the way they were”? Ted Lasso became one of my all-time favorite shows after I binged it this year (yes, I fan-boy’d a Richmond FC shirt). The episode where Ted takes Rupert down a peg with an unexpected mastery of darts really stood out for me. I remember watching Premier League on Sunday mornings when I was young. The different usage of words like pitch, match, table, fixture, etc. made me curious as to why what I thought was a common language could be so different. Rather than ridiculing it, or being wary of people who didn’t use these words the same way, it became my first real exposure to choosing to learn, embrace, and adapt to differences.

Many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view – Obi-Wan Kenobi

“You moved to downtown Minneapolis!? Isn’t it dangerous “down there”? This question – or a variant of it – is the most common reaction I get when people hear I moved downtown this year. As this picture shows, I have a new perspective on where I live, not just a new view. Because of where I’ve lived, I’ve usually approached Minneapolis from the east or north; now I get to see it from the south. I’ve found it to be a great location, very walkable, lots of dining and entertainment options, but definitely with a bit more noise, especially the sirens from the ambulances (I live 3 blocks from Hennepin County Medical Center). Hearing them makes me pause, as that’s a sign that someone is in distress, potentially in a life-threatening situation. I’m hopeful that business and government leaders continue to work to bring a renewed vitality to both Minneapolis and St. Paul core downtowns.

AI, AI, Oh!

Aren’t you afraid of what AI could become? Yes, but I’m even more interested in how it can help, and improve the human experience. Having had my work career align with the advent of the PC and so much technological change since then, we’ve seen the cycle of hype, hysteria, and reality play out over and over again. And we’ve seen those who embrace the change, and navigate well through its adoption, reap rewards. Yes, there are some ethical questions to answer as this moves forward, and there are going to be those who try to use it in bad ways, but that is nothing new: there is the opportunity for anything to help or harm.

What is the common thread for these scenarios? Its in how we adapt and respond. A few wistful moments of remembering the past feels good; looking at change with curiosity, courage, and compassion rather than fear and outrage actually brings all of us a greater hope for what could be. That’s how I plan to take on Day 1 of year 65.

MN GOVIT Symposium

“Necessary, Desirable, Available and Often Ever-changing Data” Presentation

Phil Almeroth, Jeremy Mann, Ben Youtz, and Stephen Clark presenting at the MN GOVIT 2023 IT Symposium

Logisolve’s Booth at GOVIT Symposium

Jeremy Mann, Ben Youtz, Stephen Clark, and Megan Tomlinson

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