A process in your company may be done by multiple people, it could be completed multiple different ways, and it may use or involve multiple systems. Most likely there are many processes throughout your company. You may have a belief that these processes are being done consistently the same way, but no real proof without a lot of analysis across multiple systems.

Workflow will provide consistency and efficiency through the following:

  • Defining a process that every person will follow
  • Provide a history of events so that bottle necks and inconsistencies can be easily found
  • Enable the use of multiple systems without needing to train individuals on each of the systems
  • Make it much easier for a person to move from one area of the company to another without extensive training


Workflow develops a defined processed that is driven by the system; not the individual. This creates consistency on how the process is done.


Workflow provides a history of each step/event in the process. This creates a detailed account of the process makes it easier to determine where bottlenecks or issues reside.

Workflow allows multiple systems to be accessed and the retrieve data to be used throughout the process. It will also update the systems as needed. This avoids multiple entry points and the possibility of entry errors. It also reduces the number of systems a user needs to learn down to one. With workflow the person can easily transition from one area of the company to another with out having to train on new systems.


All of this adds up to consistent, efficient processes through out your company. Saving both time and money along with adding greater flexibility to easily move staff to area where they are most needed.


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