OAKDALE, MN – As it turns out, quite a bit of work actually.

Many of you may already be aware of the efforts that the “CARS” team has been taking to create a new, cloud-based solution for cash management and reconciliation. The plan is to build a scalable design that will allow for greater flexibility to fit clients of various organizational size as well as being industry agnostic. Our current CARS solution, which has been in production for over ten years, has proven to be extremely dependable for mid to large-size healthcare provider groups, but requires the client’s internal IT support and infrastructure. A cloud-based solution will allow for greater operational control for Logisolve and facilitate a more efficient, rapid deployment of updates and enhancements while guaranteeing that all of our clients are consistently utilizing the same version of the solution.

Fortunately, we have highly-skilled individuals working on the technical architecture of the new solution along with subject matter experts providing business requirements to ensure that the end product will meet expectations. What we don’t have yet is a name. What should the new solution be called? While ‘CARS’ has history and has built up some name recognition and a favorable reputation over the years, it is directly associated with the original design and architecture and we are intentionally trying to establish a separate, wholly-new product and identity with our cloud-based solution.

The “experts” say that a name should be simple, easy to pronounce, and descriptive/representative of what a product does. The name ‘CARS’ was created mostly by accident; it was simply derived from what the application did: ‘Cash Application/Reconciliation Solution’. We were lucky enough to stumble upon an acronym that made sense while also being simple and pronounceable. Unfortunately, we haven’t quite had our eureka moment yet with the new product.

We’ve road-tested some different names so far and ‘Beanware’ (i.e. software for bean counters) has gotten the most traction, however, much like sharing a planned name for a newborn child, everyone has opinions on why a name doesn’t work. With Beanware, it is a combination of the fact that apparently some accountants are a bit sensitive and don’t care for the term along with other more negative connotations that exist around the use of the phrase bean counter. Who knew? I do now.

The other learning along the way is that it seems nearly every two-syllable word is already in use either as a product or as a .com. The URL has most likely been claimed already and is now for re-sale at a premium price. Beanware.com? CashRec.com? QuickRec.com? All owned by domain parkers. Not actively being used but available for ransom. There is a whole world of domain parkers and brokers out there waiting for someone like us to fall in love with a name and be willing to let them cash in on having the “foresight” to acquire it. It would pain me to have to fork over any money to this seedy industry, so maybe it means moving on to .org, .biz, or .finance?

So, what’s in a name? Well, sometimes it’s a no-brainer and a natural, easy fit and other times it takes quite a bit of brainstorming to find the perfect match. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out where we land for our new solution although I shudder at the thought of receiving all of the “constructive” feedback once we decide to make the new name public. Sometimes too many opinions can be a bad thing!

In the meantime, if inspiration strikes, feel free to send your suggestions to twenner@logisolve.com.