OAKDALE – Logisolve’s ePrescribing Gateway has proven to be a great time/cost savings for partners that need to implement ePrescription connectivity. Last year, we upgraded our solution to utilize the latest SCRIPT version 2017071 required by CMS. This year, we have added the functionality for electronic prior authorization (ePA). 


ePA allows the payer and the physician to communicate with each other electronically with the intent to determine if the payer will approve the payment of a medication that requires approval. This communication has historically been done with time consuming faxes and phone calls.  Today, with the user of the latest NCPDP SCRIPT standard, it can be done seamlessly through the physicians EMR. Logisolve assists with this process by providing a framework that can quickly be implemented within the EMRs or Payers environment to handle all interaction with the intermediary.  This not only speeds up the development cycle, but also the certification process required to utilize this capability on the network. 


If you wish to learn more, please reach out for an overview and demo.