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Happy Friday! As we dive into the Winter months, it can be challenging to stay active. Megan Tomlinson, Business Development Coordinator, shares one of her favorite articles with tips on how to stay active while working.

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Staying Active While Working

By Megan Tomlinson, Business Development Coordinator

Working indoors in the winter makes it terribly hard to stay active. I find myself looking for ways to move or be active that would not distract me from my work but also not make me absolutely freeze to death outside. While googling ways to keep me active while working from home, I came across a number of articles that had similar themes. My favorite Forbes article (and another co-worker – shout out to Amanda) inspired me to get an underneath desk treadmill so I can work AND walk at the same time! Check the article out below 🙂

10 Ways To Stay Active While Working From Home (

1. Keep Exercise Equipment Nearby

Beyond setting times to walk or climb stairs, it’s helpful to leave hand weights, resistance bands, exercise mats, pushup bars and chairs readily visible and perhaps even “in your way.” This way, when you take a break you can pick up the weights, do some repetitions, practice pushups and leg exercises, use the resistance bands and frequently build strength a few minutes at a time when you leave your laptop. – Joanne Markow, GreenMason

2. Develop A Daily Rhythm

Habits and rituals are very powerful behavioral practices that can keep you on track or derail you. Creating regular rituals for yourself when working from home is essential. Set a consistent wake up time and schedule your work and your breaks. Have exercise equipment or weights you will use, do pushups, take a walk or simply have a standing desk. Use health apps to remind you when to get moving. – Maureen Orey, Workplace Learning & Performance Group

3. Get Up For Food

I’m a hypocrite here because it’s something I’ve recently noticed about my own work habits. When I work from home, I order in using an app from my phone. The simple act of going out to eat or cooking something at home is much better because it forces you to get up and walk around more. Also, at home, it’s a good idea to take your conference calls with video. That way you are less lazy. – Brian M Harman, Business Management Hallmark

4. Block Your Calendar For Breaks

It’s easy to get a quick coffee break when you are in the office. When people don’t see you at your desk, they come by later. Virtual working makes people feel guilty over taking breaks, as they are concerned the other side might think they are not working hard enough. Block your calendar for lunch and coffee breaks so that people know when you will be away. Then use and enjoy those breaks! – Marina Cvetkovic, The Peak Alliance

5. Take Walking Conference Calls

More and more leadership retreats are being held outside and while moving. Not only does moving feel good, but it creates greater blood flow, which helps in thinking, and also engages the lymph nodes, which relaxes us. Try at least one conference call (non-video) while taking even a gentle walk outside. You’ll be really glad you did, and so will your partner on the other line. – John Hittler, Evoking Genius


6. Conduct Business Outside

As someone with a home office, I schedule frequent face-to-face meetings outside the office. Recently, I have begun experimenting with a “walk and coach” strategy with some clients where the coaching session is conducted while walking. This brings about clarity for the client, and I get to go outdoors. I have also started using Google Mini to alert me when to take a 10 to 15 minute exercise break. – Daisy Wright, The Wright Career Solution

7. Schedule Face-To-Face Meetings

Work can become isolating at home. The discipline of being one on one keeps you sharp. At home, work may protect you from a lot of distractions, but it also casts you in your own home movie, alone and sometimes isolated. The best at-home workers build in one on ones, face-to-face lunches and small group meetings every week. Remote work can be extremely beneficial, but one on ones keep you balanced. – John M. O’Connor, Career Pro Inc.

8. Take ‘Soak Time’ To Think Through Work

Everyone needs a little “soak time”—time to think about what they just did or are about to do, or have done and wish to revisit. Use that time to get up from the computer and take a 15 minute walk. If you walk at a reasonable pace, you should cover nearly a mile. Do that once before lunch and once after. Use the time to think about the issue necessitating the walk. – Michael Robilotto,

9. Practice Time Blocking

When working from home, you can get into a work mode that inhibits exercise. Employ a time blocking method like the Pomodoro technique. By using this method, you remind yourself to take breaks. Use these breaks to take a quick walk, eat a healthy snack or just clear your mind. That will help you break ruts and overexertion, which can diminish energy later in the day. – Tony Mickle, Big Box Coaching

10. Disrupt Yourself To Concentrate More

Sometimes we get so caught up on our tasks that we realize it has been hours since we have moved. Disrupt yourself! Set an alarm for 25 or 55 minutes. Focus on a key priority. When the alarm goes off, get up and do something totally different—take a walk, talk to a friend, imagine something cool. Your brain and body are refreshed and your power of concentration for the next priority is much greater! – Sandi Mitchell, APEX Leadership Mastery

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