The [Solve] Friday December 9

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Happy Friday! This week, Ben Youtz, our Data Transformation Capability Leader and NASA enthusiast, draws parallels between the Mars Climate Orbiter incident and Master Data Management. Ben highlights vital lessons in clear communication, rigorous validation processes, and technology integration, emphasizing their crucial role in shaping an innovative and discovery-driven data future. Check it out!

Logisolve Ugly Sweater Part

Susan Miller rocking her outfit!

Top 3 Outfits – Michelle Brew, Kristine Miosek, Mukesh Munka

Congratulations to Kristine Miosek on winning the ugly sweater competition!

Tom Newman with the layered holiday look!

Love of Christmas

Logisolve does not promote any one specific faith but believes in the expression of individual thought.

By Matt Kuntz, QA Capability Leader


Christmas is the season of love. As we celebrate the gift of God sending his Son during this Christmas Holiday, we are also commanded to love one another…I know…some people are much easier than others. With that gift of love that we are supposed to share, we are also given many examples on earth of how we are to love. The beauty of the mountains, the lakes and woodlands, the endless views of the seas, the birth of a child, and a best friend are all things that we continue to love without conditions. If we look around each day, there are countless examples of love to be grateful for.

With all the wonderful gifts that we can be grateful for, there is one that stands out as a true example of love – and that is a dog. Dogs can be an example of how we should behave towards one another. Good dogs are always love.

They’re always there to greet you when you get home with a smile and a heavy tail wag. Dogs live in the moment and are not concerned about what happened yesterday, nor do they worry about what will happen tomorrow. Dogs don’t worry about what they have (ok, maybe their ball), nor do they worry about where their next meal will come from (although mine loves to eat). They are not concerned what they look like, and they certainly don’t live their lives just to accumulate more stuff. Dogs don’t worry about what they will wear when they go out, what their hair will look like, or who they get to play with next. They are always there for you and continually nudge you to spend more time with them. Love them, walk them and yes you need to discipline them too.

How can we truly love them back? In my experience with dogs (and you can see I am a Lab lover) it’s so important to allow them to participate in activities that they were bred for. Despite the endless naps, dogs love to work. Like us, they find great self-worth in hard work. Let them work for you and they will show you how proud they can be to do their job. They always want to do their job well, just to please. A dog’s life is short, and maybe that is on purpose as a reminder to enjoy and love today.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Flourish Food Market

Thank you to our volunteers – Rick Miller and Tom Eaton (Nicole Weber, Ron Kimlinger not pictured)

Food Market all set up!

Looking forward to more volunteering opportunities at Flourish!

Government IT Symposium

Stephen Clark, Ron Kimlinger (pictured right), Phil Almeroth, and Jeremy Mann (pictured left) gave a great presentation this week – A Multi-faceted Approach to Government Services Modernization: Impact of Digitization. We also had a booth setup, thanks to Megan Tomlinson. We networked with a lot of great people!

Welcome to Logisolve

Check out who is joining us in December!


Divya S – Digital Solutions/QA

Jesse N – Digital Solutions/QA (new project)

Ranadheer R – Data Transformation/SAP Functional Analyst

Mehzabin M – Digital Solutions/QA

Jamison P – Data Transformation/Workflow Automation

Connie S – Business Transformation/Scrum Master (new project)

Gena H – Business Transformation/Project Coordinator (new project)

Available Positions

If you have individuals in your network that may be a fit for any of the positions below, this is a great time to make a referral. Many clients are starting to head back to the office one or two days a week and are focused on local resources!

Use our referral email address:

Below are our most active Client Opportunities; contact us for more information! There are additional positions posted on our website:

Quality Assurance

Performance Tester-remote

Sr. QA Lead – highly desired Financial/Insurance industry experience – Hybrid to MN

Sr. QA- Data experience- Hybrid to MN

QA-API- Hybrid to MN

QA – Regression experience – Hybrid to MN

Project Management

Project Manager-web redesign and government experience-local to MN-hybrid

Project Manager-4-6 years of relevant experience-must have manufacturing experience-CTH-remote

Business Analyst

Business Analyst/wealth management (annuities/brokerage)experience-local to MN-hybrid

Mid-level BA-5 3-5 years of relevant experience-CTH-remote

Business Analyst/Oracle ERP Functional Administrator-hybrid (MN)-FTE, contract to hire, contract


Sr. Java/Architect-local to MN/remote

.NET-VB.NET, Angular, C#-remote – Hybrid to MN

.NET/Web API-CTH-hybrid-MN


DevOps Engineer-informatica-Azure-remote

SQL Developer-SSIS, DBA, SQL server 2017/19-local to MN-hybrid

SQL DBA-contract to hire-hybrid-must be local to MN