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Happy Friday! This week, explore the art of networking and relationship building with insights from Casandra Noyes, Director of Consulting Operations. We’re delighted to share a special announcement about a new arrival born in January, adding joy to our Logisolve team. Dive into the Solve to explore new job opportunities, and let’s make this upcoming week a celebration of connections and new career possibilities!

Networking and Relationship Building – different, but both are valuable skills!

By Casandra Noyes | Director Consulting Operations 

In the early days of my career, I didn’t recognize the distinction or importance of both Networking and Relationship Building. My primary goal was to connect with smart individuals and learn from them. As I engaged with these professionals, my focus naturally shifted from mere networking to building lasting relationships. Only a decade into my career, after taking the Clifton StrengthsFinder and understanding my top themes – Woo and Relator – did I realize the nuanced difference. This revelation prompted me to explore the dynamics of being an effective networker and relationship builder. 

With StrengthsFinder’s 34 Themes, my top two, Woo and Relator, were an uncommon combination. Typically seen as conflicting, I learned to leverage my Woo to build relationships, not just for transactional networking. This insight fueled my curiosity about what makes people excel in both networking and relationship building. 

For me, while I engaged in networking early on, it was always with the intention of building meaningful relationships. I realized that I Woo to build relationships, not just for the sake of networking. Some thrive in networking – a transactional pursuit, meeting people who can be beneficial. Good networkers maintain an extensive contact list, strategically using it to achieve their goals. On the other hand, Relationship Builders prioritize helping others, focusing on the connection rather than keeping score. 

Logisolve, celebrating 25 years in business, attributes its success to genuine relationships. The company emphasizes the importance of empathy, a love for aiding others, patience, and a disciplined approach to maintaining strong relationships. Trust, a cornerstone of Logisolve’s ethos, is cultivated through continuous relationship building. 

Are you a strong Networker? Here are some things you can do to become a better networker: 

  • Have a clear goal: Define the type of relationships you want to build. 
  • Research: Identify contacts you want to connect with and find common ground. 
  • Be Genuinely Interested and Engaged: Show sincere interest, ask questions, and express appreciation. 
  • Have a Positive Attitude: Positivity attracts, while negativity drives people away. 
  • Be Trustworthy: Trust is crucial; if its lacking, collaboration becomes challenging. 
  • Follow Up: Demonstrates respect and commitment. 

Are you a strong Relationship Builder? Here are some things you can do to build strong relationships: 

  • Focus: Prioritize the person and their needs during your interaction. 
  • Questioning/Listening: Actively listen, gathering meaningful information for future use. 
  • Connect the Dots: Consider how you can assist the individual, leveraging your network. 
  • Fearlessness: Take calculated risks; putting yourself out there can lead to reciprocal benefits. 
  • Faith: Believe in the reciprocity of help; what goes around comes around. 

Networking and Relationship Building are valuable career skills that can be added to your toolkit. While one may come more naturally than the other, both can be cultivated with effort and commitment. Choose one to focus on, implement the tips above, and share your experiences with us! 

🎉 Introducing Logisolve's Newest Addition: Micajah Arrington! 🍼
We’re delighted to extend a warm “Welcome to Logisolve” to the newest member of our team, Micajah Arrington! Born on January 6, 2024, at 12:12, Micajah is the first projected hire for 2050, making his arrival a truly special event for our Logisolve family.
A beautiful bundle of love, Micajah already measures an impressive 20 inches—hinting at the possibility of following in his father’s tall footsteps. As Coriyon Arrington and his wife Leidy Cortes Arrington embark on this exciting journey of parenthood, we couldn’t be happier for them.
Please join us in sending heartfelt congratulations to Leidy and Coriyon as they embrace this joyous milestone and celebrate the wonderful start of their family. Here’s to many cherished moments and endless smiles with little Micajah! 🌟

Volunteering Opportunities in 2024

Join Logisolve as we volunteer at the Flourish Food Market every first Wednesday of each month throughout 2024. We’re seeking volunteers from our network to support various shifts, available from 11 AM to 1 PM and from 1 PM to 3:30 PM. There’s dedicated workspace on-site, which can be used before or after either shift. This is an excellent opportunity to contribute to the Minneapolis community. If you’d like to learn more or want to sign up for a shift, please reach out to Amanda Zais at Your interest and consideration are greatly appreciated!

We’re thrilled to welcome new additions to our team this February!

  • Angie J – Business Transformation/PM
  • Shoban A – Digital Solutions/FICO
  • Ben A – Business Transformation/PM
  • Deb W – Business Transformation/BA
  • Brian S – Business Transformation/PM
  • Lyndon C – Data Transformation/Database Developer
  • Jagadeeshwar D – Data Transformation/Database Developer

Available Positions

If you have individuals in your network that may be a fit for any of the positions below, this is a great time to make a referral. Use our referral email address:

Below are our most active Client Opportunities; contact us for more information! There are additional positions posted on our website:

Project Management

  • IT PM/SM – Financial/Insurance industry experience – Hybrid, Minneapolis

Business Analysis

  • BA- Process improvement- Contract to Hire -Hybrid-Arden Hills
  • BA – Financial Services – Hybrid, Minneapolis
  • BA/Order Management – JDE V9.2 – Hybrid, Minneapolis


  • Database Developer – Investment – Hybrid, Minneapolis
  • Data Analyst – MDM, Snowflake – Hybrid, St. Paul
  • Database Developer- Hybrid, Minneapolis
  • QA/BA-Validation test experience – Remote
  • QA-Manual/Automation- Hybrid, Anoka


  • .NET developer-API/C#- Remote