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Happy Friday! There are a lot of changes happening with the new year, including new jobs being filled or movement across teams. Neha Trivedi, BA Practice Lead & Consultant, shares insight on how she has integrated herself into new teams while working remotely.

We have an awesome group of consultants joining our team in January. Check out the list below! You will also see some of our open roles we have right now. Reach out to anyone on the Logisolve team if you want to hear more!

How To Integrate Yourself into A New Team in the Working Remote Times

By Neha Trivedi, BA Practice Lead


In this “New Normal” setting of working remote since the Covid-19 pandemic; everyone … be it anyone belonging to any age group or from any walk of life; have had to embrace Change in their lives in some form or another…

We have all also evidenced a sharp increase in the job moves (internal or external) that might have occurred voluntarily or involuntarily within the working-class community. A change of company or team by itself brings a lot of uncertainty/stress/anxiety… this only gets heightened if the work setting is also REMOTE.

Here is a list of things to do; that have helped me to integrate myself into a new team; every time I have joined a new project as a consultant…

  • Take the opportunity to introduce yourself to the team – give a brief overview of your work history, your strengths and highlight your motivation to join this new team
  • Try to connect with the team members individually to learn about them and their role in the team – this is super helpful and lays the foundation for strong professional relationships.
  • Bring out the “Student” in you – observe, absorb and seek every opportunity to learn the domain area of work, team culture and communication channels
  • Don’t be shy to ASK questions – even if it feels awkward sometimes (trust me it happens to everyone who joins a new area of work – however experienced they maybe); its super important to getting up to speed than wasting time
  • Find a mentor or a working buddy to help review and guide you in the initial phase till you can fly on your own
  • Be Organized, Show Commitment in your work and Strive to meet your timelines
  • Ask for feedback from your peers and manager – don’t hesitate to ask what they think you are not doing right or can do better… it will only help you grow into your role stronger
  • Be Humble, Approachable and Available to your team… this simple attitude will quickly ease you into the team
  • Be Yourself – Remember you are on the team for who you are so never doubt your skills
  • AND Don’t forget to have that SMILE on your face ALWAYS… Good Luck!!!

I hope the list above is helpful to all readers who are currently living through a team change. I would also like to take this opportunity to strongly encourage you to connect with Logisolve; if you are currently looking for an opportunity for yourself or looking to hire a consultant for your company.

Embracing a change and going with the flow is the easiest way to finding your strengths to propel your career!!!

Welcome to Logisolve

Check out who is joining us in January!


Scott P – Digital Solutions/.NET Developer

Randhir S – Digital Solutions/.NET Developer

Mohammed R – Digital Solutions/QA Analyst

Heather S – Business Transformation/PM

Steve P – Digital Solutions/PHP Developer

Kayla R – Business Transformation/BSA

Alyssa J – Business Transformation/Business Analyst (new project)

Greg Y – Business Transformation/PM Scrum Master (new project)

Available Positions

If you have individuals in your network that may be a fit for any of the positions below, this is a great time to make a referral. Many clients are back in the office one or two days a week and are focused on local resources!

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Below are our most active Client Opportunities; contact us for more information! There are additional positions posted on our website:

Quality Assurance

Sr. QA Lead -highly desired Financial/Insurance industry experience- Hybrid – MN

Sr. QA-Data experience-local to MN

QA- API -local to MN-hybrid

Project Management

Project Manager/Scrum Master-local to MN


Business Analyst/wealth management (annuities/brokerage)experience-local to MN-hybrid

Mid-level BA-5 3-5 years of relevant experience-CTH-remote

Business Analyst/Oracle ERP Functional Administrator-hybrid (MN)-FTE, contract to hire, contract


.NET-VB.NET, Angular, C#-remote-local to MN-hybrid

.NET/Web API-CTH-hybrid-MN

Angular Developer – remote

Java Developer – remote


SQL Developer-SSIS, DBA, SQL server 2017/19-local to MN-hybrid


Scrum Master-local to MN-hybrid


UI/UX Sr. Developer-local to MN/remote

Workday Integration Architect-remote