Industry: Education


A privately held, 30-year-old company was challenged to grow its customer base without costly additions to staff. Private equity majority-ownership needed to unify financial and customer relationship performance histories on a single technology platform. In order to empower a small corporate HQ staff, and a national cohort of longtime industry-experienced professionals, the Client looked to Logisolve for Salesforce Solution Design & Deployment:​

– Leadership and daily oversight of program investment planning and resource assignments​

– Expert support with technology acquisition/contract negotiation​

– Expert support defining technology end-user adoption requirements across Sales, Marketing and back-office finance and cross-departmental operations. ​

2 strategic objectives integral to meeting original business case justifications were met:​

– The ability to tie existing records of Parties, both people and organizations, to marketing campaigns based on segmentation profiles, purchase histories, in-bound inquiries, and 3rd party market competitive intelligence, in one Cloud-hosted CRM/MarCom. platform.​

– The ability to dramatically increase the level of product line-item detail analysis below invoice-level Customer payments, to improve timely, actionable, market segmentation analysis, forecasting, targeted marketing campaigns & profitability analysis. ​

Why was Logisolve successful?

Logisolve applied:​

– Multi-commercial vertical experience with Windows, MacOS and multiple CRM database design, integration, testing requirements.​

– Led IT Portfolio enhancement backlog planning, and enterprise-wide process improvements made possible by unified General Ledger, Product Lifecycle Management, and Customer Order Management information and data stewardship practices.​


Logisolve created, prioritized and approved clarifications necessary for clients to sign off on creating, testing, and rolling out a most-valuable platform (MVP) solution built on Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Fonteva Membership & Events plus Guidebook mobile app integrations, legacy software replacements, and new user experience design, configuration, testing, training, and rollout expertise.​

– Maximized global Club Owners, their Advisors and general members’ increased engagement with their Customer relationship managers.​

– Gained early enthusiastic endorsement and usage of a centrally hosted Mobile App for education curriculum planning, delivery, networking, continuing education credit tracking and local community of practice collaboration.​

– Applied cost-conscious ways to flex up and down key experienced staff members when the client needed them most.​

– Applied management and technical consulting skills to must-not-fail business and technology change management requirements. ​

– Whether in domains such as strategic planning, stakeholder expectation management, risk mitigation, technology purchase trade-off analysis, custom database design, integration, user interface, process, and workflow design, testing or implementation, the Logisolve team tailored their service offerings month-by-month. ​

– These tactically outcome-driven approaches built on early successes over time to demonstrate, with Client Sponsors and Champions’ co-leadership, what customized measurable operational improvements in efficiency and quality of outcomes could look like. ​

– The Logisolve team worked in alignment with executive and senior leadership to ensure strategic and annual goals and objectives were met while introducing practices focused on sustained solution adoption and teaming skills that Client staff would continue to employ self-sufficiently after Logisolve’s departure.​