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Happy Friday! This week, our leadership team met to strategize and set goals for 2023! Dave Youngbauer, Co-Founder/Digital Solutions, summarizes the topics discussed. We also awarded Neha Trivedi with the Dean Brown Excellence in Consulting Award for 2022. Photos included below!

Looking Forward

By Dave Youngbauer, Co-Founder/Digital Solutions

I was talking to Nate the bartender after our 4-hour meeting. We were there to discuss, among other things, our future performance goals for 2023. He mentioned to me that our group seemed to have a lot of fun. “Why would you say that”, I asked. “He mentioned that he heard hooting, hollering and laughter. Usually, meetings at this event location are serious and we don’t hear all the hoopla from the meeting rooms”, he said.

Logisolve likes to have a good time but when it comes down to it, we get the job done too! In 2022 we were able to grow our business from 269,000 consulting hours to 284,000. That increase represents a roll up your sleeves type attitude. There are plenty of disagreements, plenty of groaning and missteps in any business family, but results matter.

We haven’t come up with a motto just yet for this coming year, but like any other business, we want to improve on the year we just had. To achieve our goal, we think we have just the Team to do it.

Questions arose about how we can attract new consultants and retain current consultants. We can’t reveal company secrets but hint, hint, every consulting company goes through this. It’s actually no secret and quite simple. Create touch points to our current, former, and future consultants. Face to face meetings with businesses and consultant. Use social media to enhance our message. Charlie summed it up succinctly: Connect, understand, measure and drive to get the results. If we can do that to attract and attain consultants while bolstering new sales opportunities using our sales, recruiting, capability leads and back-office teams we will have a winner. 2022 was good to us and cheers to 2023! Believe and achieve.

The Logisolve Team – Strategy Meeting 2023

Thanks to Emily, Jennifer, and the Partners for hosting a great meeting!

A great team coming up with great ideas!

Dean Brown Excellence in Consulting Award – 2022 Winner: Neha Trivedi

For those who have worked with Dean, this needs no further explanation. For those who did not, you should know that Dean was a skilled and highly regarded Project and Program Manager who could guide a client through any type of change or crisis.

But to know Dean was an opportunity to learn from Dean. He gave freely of his time; mentoring others, sharing ideas, building friendships and relationships genuine and deep. Sadly, in August of 2020, Dean passed away.

With the support of his family, Logisolve would like to recognize Dean for his values as a person and his dedication as a consultant in offering the Annual Dean Brown Excellence in Consulting Award.


We look to you to recognize and nominate your peers, Logisolve consultants, for this recognition based on …

  1. Delivery excellence in conjunction with their demonstration of values,
  2. Integrity and
  3. Giving back to the professional community (as a whole, at the client site, or within Logisolve).

This annual award began in 2021 and has been given to Jeremy Mann (2021) and Neha Trivedi (2022).

We are excited and blessed to have the opportunity to honor a great Logisolve consultant and recognize team members who carry on in upholding the same standards.



  • Trophy

  • $500 Logisolve contribution to the American Heart and Lung Foundation in Dean’s family’s name.

  • $500 contribution to a charity of the award winner’s choice.

This year’s Dean Brown Excellence in Consulting Memorial Award is presented to Neha Trivedi. She was nominated by BK Sicard, Casandra Noyes, Jennifer Wallace and Ron Kimlinger. Once nominated, she was elected by her peers in the leadership team through two rounds of voting. The following comments formed her nomination and were shared with the leadership team.

Please describe how this consultant has delivered excellence with a sense of value.

Neha always brings value to every assignment. She is a sought after consultant that continues to add value. – BK

Neha is always looking for ways to deliver personal value and works hard with her Capability Team to ensure the Business Analysis group is growing, learning, being recognized and being retained. She is always willing to jump in to schedule meetings, provide documentation, attend professional events and was the lead on India Fest. She was willing to jump in to help create the right marketing materials for the one pagers and website. She is always looking for ways to better position Logisolve. – Casandra

Neha has a flawless record for delivery of excellence and a consistent ability to bring her BEST to the client every day. She constantly finds new ways to add value to her clients and stakeholders while finding time to be a leader and lead, mentor, and listen to the consultants that work on her team. – Jennifer

Neha does a fantastic job of balancing a full time billable assignment with the responsibilities of a Practice Leaders. Her clients are always very complimentary of her work on projects and she makes a point to reach out to each of her consultants in her practice on frequent basis. – Ron

Please describe how this consultant has shown integrity.

She maintains close relationships with everyone in her practice and is proactive in helping them solve problems and guide them to excel. She always provides HONEST feedback. – BK

Neha is always very aware of our consultants within her BA practice, how they are feeling, if they are at risk and advocating for them. She also always puts her client satisfaction at the top of her list and delivers high quality work. – Casandra

Neha is super reliable to jump in and help accomplish any goal. She commits and delivers. She brings great knowledge, expertise, experience and energy as she approaches everything that is in front of her. She is a leader and is highly ethical and forthcoming with challenges and is the first to step in to tackle them. – Jennifer

Neha has always shown the highest integrity in her representation of Logisolve both at the client site and during her work on other Logisolve efforts – Ron

Please describe how this consultant has given back to the professional community.

She has gotten associates involved in IIBA and helped to grow individuals professional career. – BK

Neha coaches, mentors, and advocates for her team, and promotes professional events and learning. – Casandra

Neha is dedicated to her profession and constantly wanting to improve her own skills and help those on her team to grow as well. She is active in many different professional organizations and has helped Logisolve to get involved in India Fest. – Jennifer

Neha has co-lead Logisolve’s partnership with the IIBA and has lead Logisolve’s involvement in IndiaFest. – Ron

Please add any further information you wish to share about this individual.

Neha sets a high standard for professional and personal goals. She does so with a smile and grace. She is smart and direct and caring of her fellow humans. She is very much someone that would represent the Dean Brown Memorial Award. – BK

Neha is a very involved consulting leader with high integrity and good consulting skills. – Casandra

Neha is GREAT to work with, a Logisolve team player, leader, and top notch consultant who is highly versatile, flexible, and always willing to do whatever is needed to bring successful outcomes. – Jennifer

Neha chose to make her charitable contribution to St. Jude’s Hospital. Neha is pictured below with her award.

Welcome to Logisolve

Check out who is joining us in January!


Scott P – Digital Solutions/.NET Developer

Randhir S – Digital Solutions/.NET Developer

Mohammed R – Digital Solutions/QA Analyst

Heather S – Business Transformation/PM

Steve P – Digital Solutions/PHP Developer

Kayla R – Business Transformation/BSA

Alyssa J – Business Transformation/Business Analyst (new project)

Greg Y – Business Transformation/PM Scrum Master (new project)

Elizabeth O – Business Transformation/PM

Nasir H – Digital Solutions/Performance Tester

Available Positions

If you have individuals in your network that may be a fit for any of the positions below, this is a great time to make a referral. Many clients are back in the office one or two days a week and are focused on local resources!

Use our referral email address:

Below are our most active Client Opportunities; contact us for more information! There are additional positions posted on our website:


Quality Assurance

Sr. QA Lead (2 positions)-highly desired Financial/Insurance industry experience-must be local to MN/hybrid

Sr. QA-data experience-local to MN

QA-API-local to MN-hybrid

Project Management

Project Manager/Scrum master-must have Financial industry (SAP/Oracle) to be considered-remote

Sr. Project/Program Manager-Financial/wealth manager-brokerage experience-hybrid


BA-Insurance/Finance experience-hybrid

Business Analyst/wealth management (annuities/brokerage)experience-local to MN-hybrid

Mid-level BA-5 3-5 years of relevant experience-CTH-remote

Business Analyst/Oracle ERP Functional Administrator-hybrid (MN)-FTE, contract to hire, contract


.NET-VB.NET, Angular, C#-remote-local to MN-hybrid

.NET/Web API-CTH-hybrid-MN

Java (multiple)-react/E-commerce experience-local to MN highly preferred

Angular Web Developer-Angular 12+-remote-must be W2 to Logisolve

Java developer-backend experience-remote-must be W2 to Logisolve


SAS Developer/Healthcare experience (payer)-remote


Scrum Master-local to MN-hybrid


IOS Developer-remote-Must be W2 to Logisolve

Android Developer-Must ne W2 to Logisolve