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Happy Friday! This week, Ben Youtz, our Data Transformation Capability Leader and NASA enthusiast, draws parallels between the Mars Climate Orbiter incident and Master Data Management. Ben highlights vital lessons in clear communication, rigorous validation processes, and technology integration, emphasizing their crucial role in shaping an innovative and discovery-driven data future. Check it out!

Happy Friday!

Check out this great story from Michelle Brew, Technical Recruiter. You’ll find out why she took the leap to join Logisolve and why she advises everyone to be comfortable with their curiosity.

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Comfort in Curiosity

By Michelle Brew, Technical Recruiter


“Growth happens when you’re uncomfortable”

A year ago, I made a really uncomfortable decision, based on a quote, and I joined the Logisolve team. The quote is true but also scary. I didn’t want to live scared, so I pondered on growth a bit. As a mom, my children are pushed to grow ALL THE TIME. Everything is new to them. How do they sustain it? How are they still so joyful?! The fact that they literally laugh themselves through it was blowing my mind. So I took a page out of their book and reframed it in my mind. The book was a longtime favorite of ours – Curious George. We praise curiosity as a path to untapped intellect and wonder. Great things happen when those paths meet, so let’s get on that road. Plus, George makes it seem fun. If I could figure out how to enjoy curiosity, then I wouldn’t be so uncomfortable.

For the last year, I’ve sat in wonder as I listened to Stephen Clark’s brilliance as he builds and creates intelligent business/IT solutions out of thin air. Visualizing his thoughts while he narrates is fascinating. Rob Mohr, Tim Wenner, and their teams lead health solutions that change systems and impact lives. Having a daughter with a rare medical condition that forces me to navigate that world gives me great appreciation for their team’s work. Kent Dicke, tutored me in development 101 which is a world where everyone speaks different languages and they all have their place and really interesting things happen when they work together. I love languages and understanding puzzles – that’s a world I can get into. Cool – not scary! And that lead me to Matt Kuntz who leads our QA practice. He could make a porcupine and a mountain lion comfortable at the same time. My appreciation for Project Management has grown immensely under the servant leadership of Ron Kimlinger and Phil Almeroth. We all have a bit of project management in our lives, but the formal processes of it and how it can transform teams, ideas, and companies is powerful. And my heart is with our Business Analyst capability leaders Neha Trivedi and Jeremy Mann who combine unbelievable emotional intelligence with highly adept analytical skills to bring worlds together.

If you’re reading this, you are likely well aware of this great team and have your own reasons for appreciating the Logisolve leadership. The real point is that as adults, we’re able to use our curiosity as a tool to stretch our perspectives and explore new depths. With curious learning, slow intentional work can help us reach learning plateaus that can be difficult to reach through traditional means. We can ask the right questions and collapse the walls of society that divide us so we can see the world how everybody else sees it. We can also take advantage of our curiosity to reach new depths in knowledge and understanding while bridging any gaps between concepts that may have previously seemed unrelated. Staying curious as an adult allows us to experience life in ways that we may never have considered before, while helping us unlock potentials which we never thought possible.

As adults, we should never lose the urge to encounter new things and acquire new information. The joy of delight when making discoveries can lead to greater opportunities. It creates openness, active interest and a desire for more opportunities. If you think of the brain as a muscle that needs exercise, novelty is what keeps it fit and healthy. The ability to stay curious helps us stay mentally agile which directly impacts our health and well-being.

Get comfortable in being curious and enjoy!

Welcome to Logisolve

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Stephen C – Digital Solutions/QA

Tim S – Business Transformation/PM (new project)

Dileep C – Data Management/Sr. BI Analyst

Joe F – Business Transformation/ERP/Inventory Analyst

Mahbubur R – Digital Solutions/QA

Aaron M – Application Development/Software Engineer (new project)

Anoop A – Digital Solutions/QA (new project)

Mounika H – Digital Solutions/Developer

Available Positions

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Project Management

  • Project Manager/Scrum Master – Financial Industry (SAP/Oracle) Experience Required -Remote
  • UAT Lead/Project Manager – Healthcare Industry Experience Preferred – Remote

Business Analyst

  • BSA-Trading and Settlements Experience-Contract to Hire-Hybrid (MN)
  • Business Analyst/Oracle ERP Functional Administrator-Hybrid (MN)-FTE – Contract to Hire, Contract
  • Sr. BA – Property and Causality Insurance – Remote – Contract to Hire

Quality Assurance

  • QA Lead (2 positions) – Financial/Insurance Industry Experience – Hybrid (MN)
  • Sr. QA-Data Experience – Hybrid (MN)
  • QA-API – Hybrid (MN)


  • Sr. Lead/Developer-.NET-Experience leading teams (3+ years) up to 20 people- Remote
  • UX Experience Designer- Remote
  • Sr. Java Developer-Spring, Groovy, Gradle, Java JVM – Remote
  • Sr. .NET – C#, React – Hybrid (MN)
  • .NET/Web API – Contract to Hire – Hybrid (MN)
  • Java Developer-Backend-Java 11, Microservices, Kafka, Restful, Cloud-Remote
  • Principal Google Engineer- Remote


  • Informatica Developer – Hybrid (MN)
  • Azure/Data Developer Tech Lead-Hybrid (MN)-CTH


  • Jr. Product Manager (2-4 years related experience)-Hybrid (MN) – Remote