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Are you curious about AI? Dave Youngbauer, Partner and Practice Lead, dives into how Artificial Intelligence is changing our lives from everyday tasks to shaping our future in this week’s edition of the Solve.


By Dave Youngbauer | Partner and Digital Solutions/Health Science Solutions Lead

I don’t pretend to know all the ins and outs of Artificial intelligence, but it is interesting to read about how our lives are currently affected and will be influence by AI in the future.

So, what is Artificial intelligence? “AI is the ability of machines or robots to run tasks that are associate with intelligence.” AI is a sector of computer science to create intelligent machines and replicate human behavior.

АI can be classified into three categories:

  • Narrow АI: It is capable of intelligently accomplishing specific tasks.
  • General АI: machines that can copy human intelligence. Some say we are getting closer with OpenAI
  • Super АI: is а level at which machines with can perform any task a human can.

At this time, АI is classified as Narrow АI, which can only do specific jobs. Since 2000 we’ve gone from fold out maps to using our phones for directions. We waited for internet dialup and now we are instantaneously connected to the internet. We have Alexa and Siri assists us with questions, Self-driving cars, and I’m not sure if some people know what the yellow pages are anymore. 

We are surrounded ourselves with technology. From smart speakers, keyless entry, ring doorbells, smart temperature controls. Endless intelligence around the house that senses what we can’t. We keep our pictures in the cloud, play the music we listen to at any time on any device. We are connected to our communities with next-door apps, national emergency calls to your phone, schools that call to tell you that it’s a snow day. (well, maybe not this year). The convenience of AI has increased efficiency and productivity, improved accuracy and decision making, and personalized and improved our experiences and yes, there is a “big brother” aspect to it as well.

It’s impossible to predict the future, but here are some thoughts from the world wide web that may shape it.

  • AI in Health Care – Diagnose diseases based on symptoms by reading from sport watches or а someone’s medical history.
  • АI in Education – Effective and tailor to a student’s personality and abilities.
  • АI in Finance – Determining the ideal approach to handle funds.
  • AI in Transportation – The introduction of self-driving cars is gradually becoming a reality.
  • AI in Sales/Advertising – Smart tools reaching out to potential consultants made simpler; generating leads from LinkedIn and converting them to sales
  • Safe and Secure AI -Goes without saying that AI should be developed in a safe and secure way. Processes should be designed to prevent malicious actors from using them for harmful purposes.
  • Sustainable AI – To ensure that AI is developed in a sustainable way, it’s important to use renewable energy sources and to design AI systems that are energy-efficient.

In conclusion, the future of AI is optimistic, limitless, exciting and ambiguous. We continue to use AI to what’s best in our lives to make our experiences easier, productive and safe. In the next 35 years it will be interesting to think of the new things that will come into play. I talked to my brother about when we first landed on the moon and he said it was unbelievable. I am wondering what will be unbelievable to us when that time comes.

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